Frequently Asked Questions

CounselHero is an educational tool for schools. If you are a school official, counselor, teacher, or principal, you can sign up and schedule a demo meeting before making your last decision. We believe you will love CounselHero and will work hard to meet the needs of your school.

Unfortunately, CounselHero is only available for educational institutes at this time. We are working to build an end-user focused product in the future. Until that day, lobby your school officials to learn more about CounselHero for your childrens’ future success.

CounselHero uses top-level, quality-proven tests that find career interests, skillset capabilities, value perceptions, and personality traits. Each test has a different logic, algorithm, and result scale on its own that we then integrate to give unique results to each student.

In the U.S. the average student to counselor ratio is anywhere between 300-1 to 600-1. It is vital for counselors to have a better way of engaging with their students. We aim to make it easier for counselors to interact with their students by using a complete end-to-end system that will reduce the amount of face-to-face time needed with each student. CounselHero enables students to plan, pursue, and achieve a career path on their own.