About Us


CounselHero is an educational tool that aims to increase counseling efficiency in schools by automating tasks usually done by school counselors. In this way, we hope to optimize counselors’ time by allowing them to spend more time with students and less time with paperwork.

This system includes an online environment that students can use for college preparation, class selection, career path decision, and much more. CounselHero gives students the resources needed to plan and achieve a career path on their own.

With CounselHero, school counselors can track the improvement of their students with one click. We aim to make it much easier for counselors to interact with their students by using a complete end-to-end system so that counselors can spend more of their time in face-to-face meetings with students.

Our Mission

According to studies, college students change their majors an average of 4 times during undergraduate studies. Each year, millions of college graduates go to work without knowing their career is really right for them. We waste time, effort, and trillions of dollars in tuition based on uninformed decisions that lack any guidance.

As the CounselHero team, we dedicated ourselves to helping students build futures that are satisfying for them. The college application process is a huge undertaking for just one student to navigate. Students face pressure to decide a major and career path during their late high school years, often without the resources to make an informed decision. It is imperative students spend their high school years with full certainty their future plans are right for them.

We can help students build this kind of future with CounselHero’s sustainable, scalable system. CounselHero is founded on these principles and the needs of our educational system in order to support happier future generations.

Our story

Our founder, M. Enes Sen, has spent a lot of time with high school students while volunteering for a non-profit organization. It was during this time as a youth mentor, he noticed that most students do not know which academic or career path they would pursue. This was a direct result of the lack of professionals and resources that give students guidance for their career. Because of this, students risk losing valuable time and could end up back-tracking in their professional lives.

M. Enes Sen formed a multi-disciplinary team of caring professionals to build a tool that can nurture happier, better-prepared generations. Our team is made up of counseling professionals, psychologists, and software developers all working to meet the one need: helping students better plan their future. CounselHero is our way of developing such a service for our society.

Our Heroes

Every day, the CounselHero team comes into work with one objective – making high school counseling better, simpler, and more innovative. Our team is made up of doers and dreamers motivated by seeing more and more people use the platform we have dedicated ourselves to creating.

Credit for the harmony of CounselHero goes to our multi-talented, amazing heroes. Without them, CounselHero would be just one of many mediocre players in our industry. Each of our team members comes with their own specialties and an appreciation for simplicity and innovation.

The heroes of our team come from different professions and specialized backgrounds, and they ensure that our platform is useful for everyone. Any school counselor, education professional, parent, guardian, and student is offered an end-to-end experience for educational support.

We have a diverse range of creative minds from psychologists to developers, and each of them believes in going the extra mile to create one of the most sought-after EdTech platforms. Our simple formula– learn, iterate, and launch – yields the most innovative features for the platform.

Our Dream

We dream of a future where every student has the chance to discover their inner strengths, interests, characteristic traits and decide a career path based on the information hidden within themselves. We believe in the possibility of a better future where everyone is passionate about their own career path.

We trust our students are capable of finding an educational path for their own well being. That is why we are creating an online environment where students can receive as much educational counseling as possible without the need for a human professional.

It is all too clear that our current educational system is not able to provide adequate academic support to students. Our team dreams of a future where each student can receive educational advice and make decisions on their own with an online, automated counseling system- CounselHero!